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Create Your Own Oracle Deck (Oracle Cards)

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… and receive exclusive access to our premium membership community with everything you need to create, launch, and monetize your card deck. Here are just a few of the features:
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  • Extensive bonus resources & mastermind perks.
  • Live monthly expert feature calls with deck creators and other special guests.

The Creators

Who Are We?

Hi, we are Anna and Heath, the founders of the Deck Creators’ Launch Pad & Community. Together, we have a combined 20+ years of deck creation and business experience. We can’t wait to share our expertise with you to help you bring your creative visions to life.

Anna Frolik / Deck Creators' Mastermind

 Anna Frolik

Founder & CEO of Wonderland Publishing

Anna is an intuitive guide, inspirational author & artist, and founder of Wonderland Publishing. She has been creating and publishing card decks for herself and others since 2012.

Currently located on beautiful Vancouver Island, Anna loves to explore the outdoors, capture magical waterfalls and mossy forests in her photography, and play with elves and fairies.

Heath Armstrong / Deck Creators' Mastermind

 Heath Armstrong

Co-Founder of Rage Create

Heath is a creative entrepreneur, author, and product development geek. He is the creator of the popular Sweet-Ass Affirmations card decks and has raised over $200k for them through crowdfunding.

He’s passionate about building community and bringing products to life while exploring the world in his van. He also loves foraging & growing mushrooms with his little family and pups.

Create, Launch & Monetize Your Card Deck With Us by Your Side

No matter what kind of deck you want to make, we are excited to help you. Everyone in the community is completely unique!
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  • tarot decks
  • affirmation decks
  • life coaching decks
  • animal spirit decks
  • crystal card decks
  • gratitude decks
  • mindfulness and meditation decks
  • career development decks
  • nutrition and wellness decks
  • creative writing prompts
  • art therapy decks
  • art showcase decks
  • photography decks
  • parenting advice decks
  • love & relationship decks
  • business coaching decks
  • personal finance decks
  • language learning decks
  • flash cards for subjects
  • book companions
  • playing cards
  • games
  • gift decks
  • anything you desire!

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